Meer dan 100 geëngageerde alumni voor Brussel

Today more than 100 alumni take action and motivate their environment to take action and contribute to a better society in Brussels.

They are role models for the youngest in the TADA community, contribute to other organizations or set a good example by motivating their loved ones.

Discover how our alumni take more and more responsibility by reading their stories.

Tolga (15 years old): helper at TADA and animator at Speelpleinen

Every Saturday, Tolga voluntarily assists in a TADA class. He sees himself as ‘the big brother’ of the children. “I love to work with kids”, he explains. “After three years at TADA, I want to give back.”

Last summer Tolga participated in a training at JES to become animator at Brussels’ Speelpleinen. “I am happy when I get responsibilities”, he explains. 

Chadi (18 years old): caregiver at the Red Cross and firefighter in the making 

Chadi is committed to Brussels. “I am caregiver at the Red Cross, I study to become a fire fighter, I participate in different humanitarian projects…”, he sums up. 

Chadi recently started a police officer training course. One day he wants to share his experiences with the TADA pupils. “I will bring my uniform so kids can try it on.”

Junior (16 jaar): oldest in a family of four

Junior wants to be a pediatrician, because he loves children. He promised his mother he will make it happen. In the meanwhile, being the eldest of the family, Junior takes up more and more responsibility

“TADA made Junior into a good big brother”, explains his mother. “He is an example for his little brothers. He shows them the way and explains many things to them. Junior also helps me with various household chores. I thank TADA for that!”

Soulaimane (17 years old): youth animator

Last summer Armando and Makoura animated a group of kids at the Summer academy of Teach For Belgium in Anderlecht. Soulaiman was animator at Spelket Schaarbeek

Sven Moens, who organized this youth work, is happy: “After I launched a call to find motivated animators, I immediately received three emails from enthusiastic TADA alumni.”

Several teachers from one of the 50 schools TADA collaborates with, confirm that TADA kids dare to take initiative and motivate their friends. “In my class, I often hear them say to other kids that If you don’t study, you will not get there”, says Sally, teacher at La Sagesse at Sint-Josse. 

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