Sven Moens: “The glass is always half full, not half empty”

Former pedagogical team manager Sven Moens wants to strengthen primary education by seizing opportunities. Read his testimony here.

“TADA gave me the opportunity to look at education in a completely different way and I am very proud of that. I worked in primary education for seventeen years and at some point I got stuck in my comfort zone, just like everyone else. I approached everything in the same way, from the same point of view. Three years at TADA have made me look differently at what I did before and see certain things from a distance."  

“I realize that I missed a lot of opportunities in those seventeen years. I re-entered education a year and a half ago, determined to seize those opportunities, because TADA taught me to look at what is possible, the positive story, rather than at what is not going well. That story gives you much more energy. Positive energy that you can use positively afterwards. The glass is always half full and not half empty. This is how I want to strengthen primary education.”

“Previously someone used to know whether he could start as a teacher in my school after one half-hour conversation. Nowadays my team and I use a completely different recruitment procedure, based on the TADA model. This ensures that candidate teachers immediately take your school seriously and realize that we are also trying to make a difference in other areas. I know much better than before who the people that start with me are.” 

“Another important lesson I have learned: whether you are a company, a school or another organization, the accumulated know-how should not stick to a person or employee. For example, I have developed a platform on which the teachers share everything they use for their lessons and class work. Elaborated processes ensure that everyone does everything in the same way. Everyone needed to get used to it, because such a change is not easy, but only in that way the know-how brought by person A to the team can be used by person X, even years later. The structure of your organization is the basis for successful work."

“Currently TADA is indispensable in Brussels. Children who grow up in communes such as Molenbeek and Saint-Josse do not have the same social safety net as children who grow up elsewhere. Yet they must achieve the same learning objectives and TADA supports them directly and indirectly in this.” 

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