Fans of Tada

From the start, famous people, politicians and media personalities have been full of enthusiasm to be committed to TADA. King Philippe has already taught a class and in his wake, our students have met the French president Emmanuel Macron.

TADA is very grateful to these people because they give visibility and recognition to our story.

On social media, everybody is famous, so everybody can generate attention for TADA by sharing our posts with friends and family.

Thank you in advance for showing your network what TADA stands for, and for helping us in our search for guest lecturers or colleagues!

  • What a trip, what amazing children, what an organization. Lots of respect, nice people, young and old! TADA does rock! #tadarocks

    Peter De Groote, Journalist

  • TADA gives so much satisfaction and is much-needed. I thought it was very nice to participate and will certainly take part again and spread the word!

    Fien Troch, Film director

  • It’s not all about learning your numbers or learning how to write. Our children have to become great citizens! TADA broadens their view of the world.

    Fabrice Cumps, Politician

  • We are very happy with the arrival of TADA at Schaerbeek!

    Bernard Clerfayt, Politician

  • I think it’s very important that children from a young age are familiarized with politics and that it’s made clear to them that eventually they have to become world citizens.

    Koen Geens, Politician

  • So proud to see young Belgians feeling empowered by our exchange programs! Thank you @tada_brussels for introducing us to such inspiring young women! #YouthEmpowerment #Leadership #USinBE @ women2women

    Loredana Farruggia, Advisor U.S. Embassy

  • Today, as a donor, I would like to thank TADA and praise them for their very special contribution to the cohesion in our society and to the success and future of these children. Keep up the good work! You rock! #tadarocks

    Françoise Chombar, CEO of Melexis

  • You can learn a lot from books and teachers, but I strongly believe that young people can learn a lot more from experience, by doing things themselves, and by interaction with others. That is what happens at TADA: strong work!

    Sven Gatz, Politician

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