Onze Code of Conduct

Het team van TADA ontwikkelde een ‘Code of Conduct’ die onze cultuur en waarden goed samenvat. Je kan deze hieronder lezen.


We aim to create magic moments. That is when impact, change and deep learning happens.

We bring people together, stimulating dialogue and building an inclusive and diverse TADA-community, leading by example.


We smile, thank, encourage, compliment… to reinforce positive energy within everyone.

We show sincere interest in people, to connect, care and build genuine relationships.

We share because we care: asking questions instead of giving answers and trusting each other in our discovery and learning process.


We talk about the world, our work, our impact in an honest yet engaging way, we do not stigmatize.

We dare to speak up and ask questions.

We communicate in a clear, clean and authentic way, formulating clear expectations and results.


We seek a learning opportunity in everything and invest time and effort in learning. Failing is part of learning.

We make ourselves vulnerable to learn, accepting the pain of stepping out of our comfort zone and encouraging ourselves and others to grow in flow, with confidence, resilience and agility.

We try to understand before being understood and actively look for “feedforward” and advice in all directions before acting. We appreciate and apply it.


We review ourselves critically, measure our impact and rationalize our methods to improve and aim for quality.

We put our teens, our organization, our team, our stakeholders first and make decisions that benefit the bigger picture and not only ourselves.

We work on solutions instead of talking about problems and take matters into our own hands.

We push ourselves and we push others to take responsibility by not interfering in their actions while coaching them.

We all take up individual responsibilities in a framework that helps to sustain quality.

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