The alumni network

Is TADA really making Brussels' youngsters ready for tomorrow’s society? The only ones who can answer this question are the TADA alumni themselves.

TADA keeps following its alumni through the alumni network after the TADA kids have finished the 3-years curriculum at the weekend school. This network offers the alumni continuous activities with themes like school, work, hobbies, attitudes and skills. The alumni network also offers an online platform that works like a helpdesk for alumni who have questions or concerns. The TADA alumni also often give back to TADA, by voluntarily helping on Saturday.

The alumni nework has more than 1000 former students.

Brussels teenagers, future role models

With the alumni network, TADA wants to offer a learning network for life, where the youngsters can act as role models for younger TADA students. Already more than 100 alumni are committing to Brussels. Or as they say themselves: ‘’When the TADA adventure begins, it never stops. TADA is like a second family.’’ 

Do you want to help expand our alumni network? To offer our alumni a student job or internship? Then contact Julie Lefebvre, our Alumni lead.

You can share your passion for your job as well with our young students, during the classes on Saturday. Here you can find more information and a list of ideas to support TADA as a volunteer.


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