Alumni Network

The TADA Alumni Network was formed in 2015. The Alumni Network offers additional activities so that the TADA alumni can further develop and make well-substantiated choices, especially on issues related to school and work.

In addition, the network is a platform where Alumni, (guest) lecturers and TADA companies/organizations stay in contact with one another, live and on-line, and thus keep the process of mutual inspiration and motivation going.

Finally the aim is to offer alumni the opportunity via the network to do something in return for TADA.  Via an Alumni Council, they have the opportunity to give advice on the functioning of TADA and they will be able to inform parents, pupils, financial investors and other parties on TADA. This Council can also organize activities for (former) students and they can return in the classroom as volunteers, coaches or lecturers. This will allow them to be role models for the younger generation.

The table below summarizes what the Alumni Network will stand for.

The Alumni Network

  • Organizes workshops on diverse themes related to school, work, leisure time and attitudes or competences, in collaboration with volunteers; 
  • Follows up with TADA alumni on demand, in collaboration with volunteers; for example, by providing extra coaching with studies or support in the search for internships via the TADA network;
  • Maintains the TADA network; ensures that links that have been created, are kept; tends to promote the communication between the different TADA stakeholders;
  • Observes the development of the alumni and ideally ensures on a long-term basis the reinsertion of alumni as volunteers in the functioning of TADA; Sees to it that alumni do something in return;

Would you like to support our Alumni Network? Contact Emilie De Brabandere, Alumni Lead.

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